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Licensed Mink Queen Blankets

Regal Comfort® 1-Ply Medium Weight Faux Fur™ Blanket. Approximately 6.5FT x 8 FT. Blissfully soft to the touch with the deep lushness of faux fur, our collection of officially licensed Queen sized blankets has a theme to match every type of fan. With beautiful patterns including faux animal prints as well as military and first responder themes, each luxurious blanket is sure to please. Individually packaged in a clear zippered poly bag for easy display and sale. Attractive product photo and care instructions included.

Licensed Mink Queen Blankets- $40.00 EA

Sasquatch I Want to Believe

DB 5747-2

Coming Soon

420 Leaf

DB 754-2

68 Special

DB 5125-2

7 Hidden Wolves

DB 5203-2

Aloha From Hawaii

DB 5131-2

Aloha Jumpsuit

DB 5132-2

American Flag

DB 5750-2

American Truckers

DB 5722-2

American/ Rebel Flag

DB 5505-2


DB 5701-2

Aurora Dragon

DB 5309-2

Autumn Harvest

DB 5330-2

Best Buds

DB 5202-2

Betsy Ross

DB 5724-2

Betty Boop

DB 5104-2

Big Time

DB 5721-2

Birch Whitetail

DB 5434-2

Birth of a Star

DB 5702-2


DB 5292-2

Black American Flag

DB 5752-2

Coming Soon

Black Bear

DB 5293-2

Black Bear Woods

DB 5433-2

Black Cat Spirit Board

DB 5739-2

Blood Moon

DB 5710-2

Blue the Dino

DB 5551-2

Canyon Run Horses

DB 5279-2

Celtic Butterfly

DB 5703-2

Celtic Dragonfly

DB 5738-2

Celtic Wolf Guide

DB 5700-2

Confederate Flag

DB 828-2

Daryl Dixon

DB 6001-2

Daryl on Bike

DB 6005-2

Divided we Stand

DB 5719-2


DB 5269-2

Dragon Flame Blade

DB 5704-2

Dragon Sea Blade

DB 5705-2


DB 5280-2

Eagle Collage

DB 5325-2

Eagle U.S.A

DB 5211-2

Eagle with Flag Feathers

DB 5734-2

Eagles Flight

DB 5431-2

Einstein Its All Relative

DB 5733-2

El Mariachi Amore

DB 5745-2

Farming America

DB 5728-2

Fight Like a Girl

DB 5723-2

Fire Department Flag

DB 5500-2

Fire Tiger

DB 5713-2

Five Hunting Dogs

DB 5737-2

Flag and Soldiers

DB 5749-2

Flores De La Muerte

DB 5718-2

Free Hugs

DB 5477-2

Full of Joy

DB 5136-2


DB 5478-2

Gangsters Playing Poker

DB 5714-2

Glamour New York

DB 5134-2

God and Country

DB 5283-2

Ha Ha Ha

DB 5715-2


DB 5160-2

Heroes on Parade Firefighters

DB 5265-2

Hummingbird and Hostas

DB 5265-2

Iconic White Dress

DB 5135-2

Indian Princess

DB 5479-2


DB 5550-2

Keep America Great

DB 5726-2

Keep America High

DB 5748-2

Leading the Pack

DB 5331-2

Moon Song

DB 5706-2

Mug Shot

DB 5133-2

Native Bear Patchwork

DB 5350-2

Last Ride

DB 5525-2

Pack It

DB 5294-2

Patriotic Deer

DB 5273-2

Patriotic Tractor

DB 5284-2

Patriotic Wolves

DB 5302-2

Phoenix Rising

DB 5712-2

Pitbull No Trespassing

DB 5206-2

Pitbull Trio

DB 5731-2

Playful Elephants

Db 5334-2

Police Department Flag

DB 5501-2

Proud to be American

DB 5282-2

Queen of Havoc

DB 5707-2

Quiet Fire

DB 5268-2


DB 5740-2

Reaper and Hounds

DB 5482-2

Red Truck Everyday

DB 5751-2

Red and Blue Line

DB 5506-2

Registered Nurse

DB 5729-2

Roque Dragon

DB 5709-2


DB 5376-2

Route 66

DB 5285-2

Rustic Bear Patchwork

DB 5351-2


DB 5318-2

Shadow Beast Deer

DB 5250-2

Snow Eagle Flag

DB 5324-2

Southwest Horse

DB 5322-2

Spirits of the Wild

DB 5452-2

Stand for the Flag

DB 5504-2

Sugar Skull

DB 5317-2

Sugar Skull Black and Gold

DB 5328-2

The Spirit of the Pack

DB 5427-2

The Toker

DB 5732-2

The Void

DB 5741-2

The Whitby Wyrm

DB 5742-2

Thundering Hooves

DB 5451-2

Tiger Skin

DB 5730-2

US Air Force Emblem

DB 5006-2

US Army Emblem

DB 5003-2

US Marine Emblem

DB 599L-2

US Navy Emblem

DB 5007-2


DB 5335-2

Up in Smoke Cheech and Chong

DB 5175-2


DB 5711-2

White Stripes Patriotic Tiger

DB 5304-2

White Tiger

DB 5327-2


DB 5432-2

Whitetail Buck

DB 5735-2

Wildlife Collage

DB 5326-2

Wildlife Collage Autumn

DB 5736-2

Wizard Emissary

DB 5708-2

Wolf Mandala

DB 5212-2

Wolves Collage

DB 5321-2

Hunter to the Core

DB 5288-2

Moon Wolf

DB 5255-2