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Hooded Throws

Virah Bella ® Collection Faux Fur™ Hooded Sherpa Throw. Adorable meets comfortable, all warmly wrapped into one unforgettable throw. Our line of Hooded Sherpa throws includes original designer themes and popular color combinations to suit every taste and decor style. Each throw measures: 50" x 70" and is buttery soft to the touch. Luxuriously soft with extra thick loft, the throws are made with 100% EF-Velboa Micro Polyester. Each throw is packaged in a clear poly bag for easy display and sale. Attractive product photo and care instructions included.

Hooded Wearable Throws- $50.00 EA

Black Bear Plaid

DHTR 10022

Black Bear Plaid Black and White

DHTR 10081

Black Cherry


Black and White Plaid

DHTR 10020

Brushed Slate

DHTR 1155

Buffalo Bear Plaid

DHTR 680

Buffalo Plaid Black

DHTR 690

Buffalo Plaid Snowman

DHTR 10069

Buffalo Plaid X-Mas Eve

DHTR 10070

Cedar Bark

DHTR 1152

Chevron Cutwork

DHTR 1028

Chevron Granite

DHTR 1166

Cotton Candy

DHTR 1150

Cow Skin

DHTR 1017

Cutwork Slate Chevron

DHTR 1061

Fading Glade

DHTR 1168

Grey Lynx

DHTR 1151


DHTR 1138

Leopard Stripe

DHTR 1157

Mountain Christmas

DHTR 10068

Native Black and Turquoise

DHTR 657

Native Turquoise

DHTR 658


DHTR 1171


DHTR 1018


DHTR 1002

Snake Skin

DHTR 1036

Snow Leopard

DHTR 1158

Stitched Forest Vermilion

DHTR 10085

Stitched Forest Verdant

DHTR 10084

Tawny Fox

DHTR 1001

The Woods Natural

DHTR 2001

The Woods Orange

DHTR 2005

Timber Grey

DHTR 1172

Tis the Season

DHTR 10067

Wildlife Watch

DHTR 10021

Zephyr Grey

DHTR 1048


DHTR 686

Lake Living

DHTR 10018

Lodge Life

DHTR 689

Red and Black Plaid

DHTR 10017

Saddle Up

DHTR 10037

Silver Fox

DHTR 1029

Cream Fur

DHTR 1097

Raging Sea

DHTR 1050