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Quilted Sherpa Throws

Virah Bella® Collection - Primitive Quilted Sherpa Throw. Enchanting designer originals make up this lovely collection of throws. Seasonal themes, lodge and lake, farm and country, are just some of the popular motifs in the line. Sized at 50" x 60" and made from the silkiest 100% polyester microfiber, these throws have beautifully detailed quilting on the front face with a minky-soft Sherpa backing. Each throw is packaged in a clear poly bag with attractive product photo and care instructions included.

Quilted Sherpa Throws- $25.00


DQST 810

Anchor's Away

DQST 508


DQST 556

Around The Blocks Blue

DQST 10090


DQST 10088

Autumn Forest Burgundy

DQST 10094

Autumn Forest Green

DQST 10095

Beach Comber

DQST 900

Bear Family Outing

DQST 10083

Bear Lake

DQST 10078

Bear Star

DQST 10076

Bear and Paw

DQST 649

Black Bear Plaid

DQST 10022

Black Bear Ridge

DQST 10098 Coming Soon

Black and White Plaid

DQST 10020

Buffalo Plaid Black

DQST 690

Buffalo Plaid Red

DQST 680

Captains Wheel

DQST 10032

Carolina Red

DQST 673

Cascade Falls

DQST 10099 Coming Soon

Charming Greys

DQST 10077

Christmas Deer

DQST 10074

Creekside Bear

DQST 10071

Diamond Bear

DQST 10072


DQST 530

East Forge

DQST 10100 Coming Soon

English Garden

DQST 652

Farm Life

DQST 10055

Farm Life Black and White Plaid

DQST 10087

Farm Life Red and Black Plaid

DQST 10086

Flower Truck

DQST 10093

Forest Pines

DQST 683

Francesca Yellow/ Grey

DQST 516

Garden Walk in Bluebell

DQST 10106 Coming Soon

Garden of Blues

DQST 653


DQST 538

High Country

DQST 10104 Coming Soon

Home Sweet Farm

DQST 10059

Homestead Red

DQST 645

Lake Living

DQST 10018

Lake and Lodge

DQST 551

Lodge Life

DQST 689

Lodge Preserve

DQST 681

Midnight Star

DQST 604

Montana Cabin Blue/ Grey

DQST 659

Montana Cabin Red/ Tan

DQST 660

Moon Bear

DQST 10023

Morning Mist

DQST 10101 Coming Soon

Mountain Cabin Blue

DQST 669

Mountain Cabin Grey

DQST 670

Mountain Cabin Red

DQST 671

Mountain Stars

DQST 10080

Mountain Whispers

DQST 10091


DQST 519


DQST 525


DQST 10102 Coming Soon

Paducah Star

DQST 615


DQST 10075

Picolata Teal

DQST 10031

Plaid Forest

DQST 10096


DQST 539

Red Truck Holidays

DQST 10073

Red Truck Home Sweet Home

DQST 10082

Red and Black Plaid

DQST 10017


DQST 534

Rose Garden

DQST 654

Saddle Up Burgundy

DQST 10037

Silkroad Jeweltone

DQST 526

Stitched Forest Verdant

DQST 10084

Stitched Forest Vermilion

DQST 10085


DQST 10103 Coming Soon


DQST 504

Wedding Ring

DQST 655

Wedding Ring Bear and Paw

DQST 10019

Wedding Ring Christmas

DQST 667

Wild and Free Beige

DQST 10039

Wild and Free Navy

DQST 10040

Wildlife Patch


Wildlife Patch

DQST 10089

Wildlife Watch

DQST 10021

Woodland Campin'

DQST 10092

Woodland Star Blue

DQST 625