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Plush Sherpa Throws

Regal Comfort® Oversized Twin Throw. Charm and comfort, wrapped together into one sophisticated throw. Our line of oversized Twin throws offers a range of elegant colors and patterns that compliment any decor. Measuring a generous 50" x 70", these plush throws are made from 100% EF-Velboa Micro Polyester for extra loft and light-weight warmth. Presented in a clear poly zipper bag with a rope handle, attractive product photo and care instructions are included.

Plush Sherpa Throws -$ 25.00

Alder Bark

DTR 1154

Black Cherry

DTR 1160

Brushed Slate

DTR 1155

Cedar Bark

DTR 1152

Chevron Cutwork

DTR 1028


DTR 1156

Chocolate Checkered Cutwork

DTR 1103

Cotton Candy

DTR 1150

Cow Skin

DTR 1017

Cutwork Slate Chevron

DTR 1061

Desert Sand

DTR 1104

Diamond Cutwork

DTR 1035

Fur Cutwork

DTR 1032

Grey Cutwork Chevron

DTR 1031

Grey Fur

DTR 1096

Grey Lynx

DTR 1151

Lavender Rose

DTR 1019


DTR 1138

Leopard Stripe

DTR 1157

Pink Rose

DTR 1020

Raging Sea

DTR 1050


DTR 1015


DTR 1018

Rolling Hearts

DTR 1159


DTR 1002

Safari Cheetah Skin

DTR 1005

Sandstone Hills

DTR 1049

Sequoia Bark

DTR 1153

Silver Fox

DTR 1029


DTR 1009

Snake Skin

DTR 1036

Snow Giraffe

DTR 1014

Snow Leopard Stripe

DTR 1158

Snow Paisley

DTR 1053

Stormy Night

DTR 1047

Tawny Fox

DTR 1001

Tiger Skin

DTR 1161

Zephyr Grey

DTR 1048